Indian Matrimony

Despite the fact that today there is a plethora of indian matrimonial websites available in the cyber world, none of the sites are particularly dedicated to the Indian communities. This, however, doesn’t mean that they do not have the registered members of Indian communities, off-course they do have. But, the problem with all of them is that none of them have the list of registered members of a particular community. For instance, if you belong from any indian community, and willing to find a compatible match for your child in your particular indian community, then you will be required to view all the profiles of different communities from the whole list.

Whereas, the same is not when you register with Mahimat. Because our Indian Matrimony portal offers you the facility of finding a suitable match for your son or daughter from your community without viewing the profiles of members from other communities. Moving ahead, with an objective to make your search easier, we offer you the privilege of advanced search where you are offered different parameters of searches a perfect match according to your preference.

While searching for desired match you will find different search options for instance divorced (if you are divorced), option of selecting from your own city or state, or throughout the country or across the world, option of selecting according to your height, academic qualifications, mother tongue, vegetarian, alcoholic, smoker or non-smoker etc. Along with this, we provide a specific identification number to each of our registered members, thus, facilitating our members to search for a specific member on the basis of his / her individual identity.

Moving ahead, the profiles registered on our portal are properly verified by our executives, thus there are no chances of being cheated or trapped by the members. Finally the last but not the least, if you are concerned that we might disclose your personal information like contact details, or residential address to the other members, then you are at the edge of making a big mistake. Because, although, we offer the facility of free registration to the members, still we do not provide them the facility of viewing the details of other members until unless they do not become our paid members. The members who are registered free can view the profiles of their desired match, can send their interest, but cannot contact them either by phone or email nor can visit their residence, without becoming the paid member.

So, now what are you waiting for, just submit the profile of your son or daughter and find a suitable match for them without any hard efforts.