Jain Matrimony


The practice of love marriage or inter-religion marriage has although become a trend across the world in the current scenario, and the Indian continent is not an exception to it. But still, there are lots of families, in which the youths prefer to marry according to the preference of their parents. India is the only secular country in the world where people of different communities live and respect the rituals and customs of other religions equally. Jain, is also one of the communities that are located in the Indian region and therefore, going through the concern of this respected community Mahimat has a special segment of Jain Matrimony for the prospective brides and grooms from this community.


An interesting feature about Mahimat is that here you will be able to locate the young guys and girls from the families of Jain not only from India but also across the world. Apart from this, there are various other benefits that you will enjoy once you register the bio-data of your son or daughter to search for a compatible match for them.


Some of the benefits that Jain families will find after registering with our portal are referred below:


1. A huge dataset of prospective brides and grooms from Jain families located in the different corners of the world.


2. Facility of free registration and sending the interest to as many profiles depending upon your preference.


3. Facility of sending personalized messages to the filtered profiles by selecting any of the payment options offered to registered members for individually contacting to the members. The different types of payment options include £35.00 for a month to £90, £150 and  £240 for three, six and twelve months respectively.


4. You have full freedom to retain your privacy and no personal information would be shared with any of the members, except those, that you wish to share.


5. Going through the practice of two categories in the Jain community, i.e., Svetambara and Digambara, you can select prospective matches from any of these groups according to your preference.


6. Individual with attention to every client.