Kannada Matrimony


Marriage is the lifetime event in the life of every person and therefore nobody wants to leave any stone unturned when it comes to making arrangements for the marriage. In fact, the event of a wedding is not less than a festival in the Indian families, and people start making its preparations many months before the wedding date. Because, in India marriage is considered as the best time for all the family members including uncles, aunties, cousins, and friends to unite in one place and make fun of every moment with each other.


But, when it comes to Kannada marriage, the scenario is a little bit different from other Indian communities. Although, like other Indian weddings, Kannada families also focus on strictly following the conventional rituals, but without any type of pomp and show. These rituals are a little bit different from the marriages conducted in other communities and regions, but still, the essence of the overall event is the same. Interesting, going through the concern of Kannada families, Mahimat has the list of prospective young brides and grooms from Karnataka searching a compatible match for them.


The major benefits that you can enjoy by registering with Mahimat are referred below:


1. User-friendly site to use.


2. Going through the practice of following conventional rituals strictly by Kannada families there is a privacy option, that facilitates the members to hide specific information about their profile, until unless anything is not finalized between the members.


3. Facility of registering free on the portal.


4. In case if you wish to contact the members like by you, then there are simple payment packages starting from £35.00 for a month to £90, £150 and  £240 for three, six and twelve months respectively.


5. Individual attention from the customer support team.


6. Finally the last but not the least, if you are a divorcee or above the age of 40 years, then also you can find a compatible match for you, by registering with us. Because Mahimat is the only matrimonial portal that has registered members of all ages in different communities.


All the best for your partner search!!!