Kerala Matrimony


Like other Indian weddings, the rituals of marriages in Kerala are not much different, except few traditions. But, where to find a compatible match for the prospective bride and groom is the matter of concern for the parents in the state of Kerala. Although, there are lots of families that prefer to collect information about indian single guys and girls from their known ones, as today everyone is occupied in his hectic working schedule nobody has time to get involved in all these tasks. 


As an impact of this problem, nowadays the trend of searching for a compatible match from matrimonial sites has gained huge popularity across the world. But, there are lots of websites, that despite endorsing to assist the members at every step of their search are not able to satisfy their requirements. Interestingly, learning from the experiences of the various members, Mahimat is one of the authentic and reliable upcoming matrimonial websites that has been developed to satisfy the different needs of the registered members at one click. The worth mentioning feature about Mahimat is that it is user-friendly and facilitates the registered members to find their compatible match at an ease without any complexities.


Some of the key features of our portal are mentioned below:


1. All the members registered with our portal are genuine and properly cross-checked by the experts working in our group.


2. The members have the facility of registering their profile free of cost at our portal. These members can send their interest to infinite members, but cannot send them a personalized message.


3. The information shared by the members is kept saved and not shared with any of the members or any other business group. Moreover, we offer the facility of hiding the information in our registration form, the members wish to hide from other members, until nothing is finalized between them.


4. Depending upon the facility of our members, we have easy paid membership options including £35.00 for a month, £90 for three months, £150 for six months and  £240 for twelve months. The paid members have an option of sending a personalized message to the profiles selected by them.


5. Finally the last but not the least, strong customer support at every step of their search.