Tamil Matrimony


Despite the fact that India is the country of vibrant cultures and communities, there are some rituals and ceremonies that are common in all communities. But, when it comes to Tamil marriages, they are more typical than compared to rituals performed by the other communities. Interestingly, despite this young youth of the community prefer to go for an arranged marriage, the only problem which most of the youths face is finding a compatible match for them. Because, today going through the trend of settling abroad after studies to enjoy high-income salary slab, youths from the Tamil community are also migrating to other countries.


Therefore, understanding the concern of Tamil Families, Mahimat exclusively has a segment for the Tamil community at its portal. This will facilitate you to directly search compatible matches for your children directly by visiting the profiles registered under the Tamil segment, without accessing the profiles of other communities, like other matrimonial portals. 


One more thing, that makes us different from other matrimonial portals is our charges for the paid members. The paid members have the facility of contacting directly to the members selected by them after viewing their profiles. For this, we have different membership packages like £35.00 for a month to £90, £150 and  £240 for three, six and twelve months respectively. 


Along with this we also offer some common benefits to all our members which are briefed below:


1.    Facility of free registration and sending interests to members of your choice without any restriction.


2.    Total privacy retained by the portal.


3.    Facility of accessing profiles of Tamil youths across the world.


4.    Determining your partner parameters according to your preference.


5.    No age restriction for registration.


6.    Regular and individual support from the customer support team.


All the best for your partner search!!!